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L05 – Genome Structure and Variation

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Western University
Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

L05 – Genome Structure and Variation DNA  chromosomes  chromatin  sequence Differences that matter are usually differences in DNA Genome – all of the DNA sequence in one copy of an organism’s chromosomes A given plant has 3 genomes: - ex. Nuclear genome - ex. Mitochondrial genome - ex. chloroplast genome C-Value – the amount of DNA in a particular genome (measured in weight by using picograms or in numbers by base pairs) - does not give indication of an organism’s complexity - range of genomic size w/in a taxonomic group varies greatly - ~5 orders of magnitude of difference in genomic size - Why would one salamander need WAY more DNA than another? Chromosomes - linear chromosomes are almost only found in Eukarya - Prokaryotic cell almost always have circular chromosomes - Number of chromosomes has no taxonomic value - #chromosomes does NOT equal complexity of an organism ploidy – refers to the number of sets of chromosomes ex. Triploid (3n) lizard has 3 sets of each of its chromosomes 3N=3C chromosome – packag
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