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L07 – Inheritance of Sameness

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Western University
Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

L07 – Inheritance of “Sameness” - DNA polymerase CANNOT initiate replication – it can only continue something that has started (Extend 3’ end of properly paired base) - One replisome replicates both strands at once - Helicase spins DNA to unravel it - Leading Strand Polymerase is where leading strand is sent - Lagging strand must be looped - Replication starts in the middle and among various spots however ONE will be at the end, where telomerase comes into play - Telomerase issue occurs on both ends of a chromosome Locations of Cycling Cells Birds: - bone marrow (making blood) - birds making gametes - liver if it’s growing - repair of injury - epidermis, gut lining (tissue that needs to be renewed) - during early development Tree: - leaves - chutes (any growing tip) - meristem (root tips) - transport systems (xylem & phloem) - trunk - most are… NOT however there are MANY choices: dividing, not dividing, dying, etc. Where/When programmed for Apoptosis? - webbed toes - hair and nails are NOT cells but they are produced BY cells - xylem pipes in plants = purpose to die and become pipe - prevent mutation/cancer - may be a normal fate for a cell to die by apoptosis - CONNECT b/w telomerase and cell cycling - Cells WANT telomeres to shorten b/c they need to know how old they are and how many times they have divided - Cells KNOW how many times they get to divide before their time is up - Expression of telomerase is highly regulated - As you continue to divide , telomerase is regulated and telomeres are allowed to shorten (so cells know how old they are and how long they should be living) - Ex. If telomerase is artificially regulated in mice, they are expected to live
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