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L12 - Inheritance in Populations

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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Common misconceptions Why is one allele dominant? BIOCHEMISTRY - melanocytes can make two kinds of melanin: redish yellow or black - melanin is shipped out in melanosome organelles into skin cells and results in pigmentation of skin - MC1R is embedded in melanocyte protein. When turned on, increases level of cyclic AMP in the cell. (commonly used messenger). PRODUCE ONLY BLACK MELANIN - ASP MC1R is turned off and inactivates cyclic AMP, produces pheomelanosomes and red pigment. - Recessive allele makes some red and some black melanosomes. Allele gets turned on and off. Can produce protein some of the time but not often enough - Black allele is always on, always high camp Dominance arises from the EXPRESSION of those alleles. From their protein products. In red pigment, cAMP levels are ALWAYS low. So what? An allele isn’t dominant to everything all the time. It really only has meaning for a particular pair of alleles and HOW their biochemistry interacts. When dealing with evolution over time thinking must be expanded out of families into populations. Genes in Populations - mendelian genetics still completely applicable - common dominant allele & red recessive allele - If we have a large group of dominant and a rare group of recessive, what will the g
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