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Lecture 5

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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Lecture 5 – Why Evolution is True Characteristics of a scientific theory - a coherent set of testable hypotheses that attempt to explain facts about the natural world - much more meaningful word for scientists - Something we use to explain ideas in science - Continually tested and debated – known as the scientific process - Theories are not falsifiable (can’t be proven to be false) Components of the theory of evolution - Allele frequencies in a population change from generation to the next - 1. Evolution happens - 2. Most evolution is gradual - 3. Lineages diverge into multiple daughter lineages - 4. All life is related through common ancestry - 5. Much evolutionary change result from natural selection - 6. Evolution occurs in populations, not individuals Evidence for "descent with modification" - Requires old earth - Vestigial traits(unnecessary trait that has no use) - Fossil evidence that species change - Fossil evidence that lineages s
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