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Lecture 7

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Western University
Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Lecture 7: Inheritance of “Sameness” Which stage of mitosis is represented by this image? a. Prophase b. Metaphase c. Anaphase d. Telophase e. None of the above, this is not mitosis List of Mechanisms to Ensure Inheritance of “Sameness” 1. Complementary base pairing during replication 2. 3. a) A-T; G-C b) Pairing is antiparallel c) Extend 3’ end of properly paired bases - Leading strand replicates continuously while the lagging strand is replicating in loops in order to fill in the okazaki fragments o Done by two replisomes which are attached to the parents strands via the helicase at the replication fork - Fork run off the end and the lagging strand has a last primer, which is removed but cannot be replaced o Fixed by telomerase, which extends the 3’ end  Using its own template to
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