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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Page 1Biology 2290F Lab Notes Dean Unit North Campus Building Room 325 Fall2013 Assigned reading problems quizzes graphing exercises and schedule Lab classes 14 1 Lab Notesp 19 2 Lab Notesp 16Overview 3 Resource Manual p 2831Graphs for print publication 4 Resource Manual p 3442 Ionic product of water pH and buffers solve problems 5 Resource Manual p 4243Light 6 Resource Manual p 4951Pipetting 7 Resource Manual p 5760Spectrophotometry try calculations on p608 Resource Manual p 9091Lab Notebook and Protocols 9 Resource Manual p 69Philosophy and ground rules 10 Resource Manual p 6768Units of MeasureExponents solve problems11 Resource Manual p 4345Light reactionsLight quantity 12 Resource Manual p 20 Chlorophyll 13 Resource Manual p 6164Suspensions solutions concentrationssolve problems on pp 6364 Lab classes 56 14 Lab Notesp 1015 15 Lab Notesp 17 Overview 16 Resource Manualp 1719Cell counting 17 Resource Manualp 1920Centrifugation 18 Resource Manualp 4549Microscopy 19 Resource Manualp 6467Dilutions solve problems on pp6667 Solutions to problems in the Resource Manual are on p5457 of the Resource ManualLab class 1 Lab class 3 Lab class 5 Graph assignment 1 due Graph assignment 2 due Lab class 2 Lab class 4 Lab class 6 Lab Quiz 14 questions Hand in lab notebook at the Graph assignment 1 seton 7 10 and 13 start of class Graph assignment 2 set Lab Quiz 2 5 questions on 419 Grading for this unit A total of 14 of the course mark will be available for the following Graph assignment 1 1 Graph assignment 2 2 Lab Quiz 1 4 Lab Quiz 2 5 Lab Book 2 Total14 Page 2Biology 2290F Lab Notes Dean Unit North Campus Building Room 325 Fall2013 General Introduction Read The Laboratory Notebook in the Resource Manual p 9091 Follow these guidelines for keeping your lab notebook It should be clear what each graph table or piece of information represents Information should be clearly titled and recorded on numbered and dated pagesExperimental Spectrophotometry OBJECTIVES At the end of the 6 lab classes in this unit you should be able to 1 draw a diagram of the optical system of the Spectronic 20 and explain how the instrument works 2 describe what is meant by transmittance T and absorbance A and be able to convert transmittance values to absorbance values Use the equation AEcl to calculate A c or E 3 use the spectrophotometer with confidence 4state Lamberts Law and Beers Law in words 5 make an appropriate reference blank to zero the spectrophotometer in an experimental situation 6 give an example of each of the principal uses of the spectrophotometer Lab Notes p16 7 calculate reaction rates using spectrophotometric data Atime 8 describe the meaning and units of photosynthetic photon flux Resource Manual p 45 9 explain the meaning of resolution in microscopy and the theoretical limit to resolution by reference to Abbes Equation Resource Manual p 4749 10 use SI units of measure and exponents scientific notation with confidence 11 calculate molar concentrations and dilutions 1412remember and use the following equations HOH1 x 10 pH logH basepHpOHH10 pOH logOH OH10 pHpOH14 pHpKalog acid13 make a buffer solution and explain how it minimizes changes in pH 14 be aware of factors to consider when selecting a buffer solution for a specific experimentalcontext Resource Manual p 4142 15 know how to determine the number of cellsmL using a haemacytometer and a spectrophotometer 16 design an experiment with appropriate controls to investigate the rate of electron flow from photosystem II in isolated illuminated chloroplasts Resource Manual p 5760 Lab Class 1 Introduction to spectrophotometry 1 An image of the optical system of the Spectronic 20 Resource Manual p 59 will be displayed and a dismantled model is available for inspection2 In your lab book make a table with the following headings T T Log T Absorbance A Transmittance10 100 200 09 90 195 0046etc etc etc etcSuggested values for T10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 and 011 Use the equation Alogto calculate the values for A T
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