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rTransformation of E coli K12 with plasmid p600 tet to Examine Effect of Transformation using BaCl and MgCl22Prediction 222Changing the ion Ca to Ba and Mg will have no significant difference in the number of E coli K12 transformants by p600 12 ngL on an LBtetracycline 15 gmL mediumProtocol1Add 500 L of CaCl 100mM MgCl 100mM and BaCl 100 mM each in 222three different 15 mL eppendorf tubes2Scrape the bacteria E coli K12 using a sterile toothpick into each of the 15 mL eppendorf tubes with 500 L of 100 mM CaCl BaCl and MgCl As much 222bacteria as possible until solution is milky3Place each tube on ice for 2 minutes and split each tube into two tubes 250 L each Label tubes Ca TE Ca p600 Ba TE Ba p600 Mg TE
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