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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Methods Three experiments were conducted to determine the effects of different ion 222sizesCaCl Ca BaClBa and MgClMgon the transformation of 22 2 Escherichia coli K12 by p600 12gL One molar of BaCl was diluted using 100 L of 1 M BaCl and 900 L of water 22to make 1000 L of 100 mM BaCl Using a P1000 micropipette 500 L of 100 mM 2CaCl BaCl and MgCl were added into 3 different 15 mL eppendorf tubes A line of 222E coli K12 from a plate was scraped using a sterile toothpick into each of the 15 mL eppendorf tubes All tubes were placed in ice for 2 minutes then each tube was split into two tubes with 250 L in each tube Ten microlitres of TE TrisEDTA was added to 3 tubes of each ionic solution Ten microlitres of p600 12 gL was added to the other three tubes The six tubes were placed in ice for 5 minutes heat shocked at 45
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