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Tom Haffie

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Sept 11 2013BIO Lecture 2 Evolution and HIVOptional reading on HIVpg 491493PREWORKThe general mechanisms by which vaccines protect against diseasesVaccines create a group of weapons for the immune system which can be deployed when needed to fight the viral strain When a viral infection is caught it takes the body days or weeks to recognize and fight back this is often too late However when you are preimmunized you already have precoded mechanisms to recognize and neutralize the virus therefore completing the job fasterWhy developing a vaccine against HIV is relatively challenging compared to other diseasesDeveloping a vaccine against HIV is more challenging in comparison to other diseases because HIV mutates extremely fast highly variablemany different types can deploy cells to invade the immune system attacks the helper Tcells the very cells that are trying to fight it and it hides itself in the human genomeWhy people are encouraged to get a flu vaccine each year as opposed to one time onlyPeople are encouraged to get a flu vaccine each year as opposed to one time only because the flu virus has the capability to mutate into various different strains and therefore what your immune syste
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