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Western University
Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Sept 16 2013BIO Lecture 3 Origin of LifeSections 3132PREWORK1Characteristics shared by all lifeaDisplay Order with the cell being the fundamental unit of lifebHarnessUtilize Energy acquire energy from environmentuse it to maintain highly ordered statecReproducedRespond to Stimuli Making adjustments to structure functionbehaviour in response to changes to the external environmenteExhibit Homeostasis regulate internal environment so conditions remain constantfGrowthDevelopment incr size by incr size andor number of cellsgEvolve pops change over time to become better adapted to their environment2 In what way properties of life are emergentEmergent bc they came about or emerged from simpler molecular interactions ones that dont have the properties found at the higher levelsEg The ability to harnessutilize energy isnt a property of molcs or proteins or biological membranes in isolation It emerges from the interactions of all 3 of these as part of a metabolic process3Characteristics of the habitable zone of a solar systemregion of space around a star where temperatures allow for liquid waterEarly earth formed from gravitational condensation of matterintense heatpressure in central region forms sunearths early history has volcanoes seismic activityearth coolssolidifiesgravitational pull holds atmosphere around planets dust from cloudgases released as cooling4Conditions of a primitive EarthHypothesis 1 Reducing Atmosphere oabundance of water vapour as well as hydrogen carbon dioxide ammonia and methane complete absence of oxygenoOparinHaldane hypothesis reducing atmosphere bc of the presence of largeof hydrogen methane and ammonia molcsthese molcs contain many ehydrogenwould have reacted w one another to yield largermore complex organic molcsoLack of Ono ozone layer OoNo ozone layerultraviolet light able to reach lower atmosphereabundant lightningenergy provided to drive formation of biologically important molcsHypothesis 2 Deep Sea VentsoLife originated in hypothermal ventsoNutrient rich 300 degrees H20 reduced molcs CH4 NH3 H2S5Types of molecules that were and were not synthesized by the MillarUrey experimentMillerUrey Experiment demonstrated formation of organic molcs of primordial earth by exposing gases to continuously sparking electrodesFound molcs after condensing H20 vapour into liquidWere Synthesized urea amino acids lactic formicaceticLater tested HCNCH2Oformed all reqd biological molcs fatty acids purinepyrimidine sugars phospholipidsWerent Synthesized didnt explain POLYMERIZATION CHIRALITY was racemic both enantiomers formed6Characteristics of mimivirus that suggest it should be considered to be alive
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