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Tues Sept 24 2013BIO LECTURE 6Genome VariationPREWORKPloidy nof sets of chromosomesDiploid 2 sets 2n of chromosomes humans have 23 pairs46 chromosomesHaploid half theof chromosomes asn a diploid only 1 complete setHuman Genome 3 million base pairs 25 0000 genesoccupy2 of human genomeHumans have 2 copies of all our chromosomesCValue ParadoxEnigma complex puzzle surrounding the extensive variation in genome size among eukaryotic speciesobservation that genome size doesnt correlate w organismal complexityCValue amount of DNA contained win a haploid nucleus aka one copy of a genomeof sets of sister chromatidsoEg The value of C in a 3n cellCvalue 1 copy of genome 3 copies3CHaploids have 1 copy 1CParadox genome size doesnt reflect gene number since most DNA is noncodingtherefore doesnt consist of genesCamount of DNA in 1 set of chromsomes sister chromatidsnof chromosomesOUTCOMESA genome is all of the DNA sequence in 1 copy of an organisms chromosomesPlants have nuclear mitochondrialchloroplast genomes Linear chromosomes are almost only found in Eu
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