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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Oct 2 2013Lecture 8Inheritance of SamenessPREWORKStages of MitosisInterphaseG1 PhaseS PhaseG2 Phaseunreplicated chromosomes DNA replicatesEach chromosome consists extend throughout the nucleuschromosomal proteins are of 2 sister chromatidsduplicatedgrowth periodCell prepares for divisionMitosisProphaseMetaphaseAnaphaseTelophaseChromosomes Chromosomes Spindle separates Chromosomes unfold condense into threadsbecome aligned at the 2 sisterreturn to interphase spindle midpointchromatids of each stateEach chromosome is chromosomedouble replicationNew nuclear moves them to envelopes form opposite spindle endsDivision of around the daughter centrosomenuclei2 parts of Cytokinesiscentrosome generate spindle as they Division of cytoplasm separateas result of a furrow at the midpoint Prometaphasenuclear envelope disappearsMicrotubules from opposite spindle poles attach to the 2 kinetochores of each chromosomeRoleMechanism of the Mitotic SpindleSpindlemicrotubulestheir proteinsAnimal cells have a centrosome site near the nucleus from which microtubules radiateMicrotubules are divided into 2 groups 1Kinetochore mtbls that connect the chromosomes to the spindle poles2Nonkinetochore mtbls that extend btw the spindle poles wout connecting to chromosomesSeparation of chromosomes during anaphase results from movements produced by both typesMechanism chromosomes walk to the poles along stationary mtbls using motor proteins in their kinetochoresThe motor proteins are grabbing the chromatid along which causes the microtubules to dissolve
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