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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Oct 9 2013Lecture 10Origin of Variation IIPREWORKBasic structure of STR regions that makes them useful for DNA fingerprintingIn DNA fingerprinting the PCR technique is used to analyze DNA variation at various loci in the genomeSeveral loci in noncoding regions are usedEach locus is an ex of a short tandem repeat STR sequence meaning that is has a short sequence of DNA repeated in series w each repeat about 35 bpsLECTURE OUTCOMESDifference between DNA damage and mutationMutation is a change in the doublestranded sequence anything that messes w the Hbonds btw nucleotides will cause a problem during replicationIt takes 2 rounds of replication to get a mutationDamage is a change in only 1 strandMechanism by which tautomeric shifts in DNA bases leads to alternative base pairingSpontaneous tautomeric shifts change base pairing partnersChanged pairingnormalnatural fluctuation in the distribution of eAcceptor atoms accept H in HbondingDonor atoms donate H in HbondingNormal Pairingo3 H bonds in GCo2 H bonds in ATCan GT and AC form normallyoGT2 acceptors align
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