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Lecture 20

Lecture 20: Population Ecology & Background Readings: 45.0 - 45.2

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Biology 1001A
Beth Mac Dougall- Shackleton

cWU`a^WŶŴ „[\aS`[ZU[[Y 9½f°ť–½€° f¾€¾f¯¾½n¾ţ °–°f €° ––f½nff ffn¾n¾€9½f°¾ť O 9½f°¾f¯f°f¾ff° f¾¾nf ° f¾ť Ŵ €°n¾ţ–°½€°n¾ Ŵ 9½f°¾- Ŵ –f½nf°– Ŵ !"f Ŵ –¾n Ŵ #f€– ,f%Ŵ#nf½, O f½f° ,#&f° °f¾f¯½, O  fţ[email protected]#)f¾n° ¾f¯½€f°¯f¾*f° ¾¯f°f¯f% #)[email protected]#)!# O D¾¾¾¯f½½f°¾- O #+ƹ,+- O -ƹ,+# n%;¾°ť onfnf°n ½¾€€–¾ °f fŦ€f¾ f°f°nf½€–¾ţ n ½½¾Ŧ ½½ ¯f ¯f°€–¾ ° f Ŧ † Ŧ † Ŧ Ŧ ,f%Ŵ#nf½, J%¾1€ŧ O ,f% f° °¯f% f°¯f¾ff%nf½ O ,f%¾ °3f€€n¾f O ,f%¾ °3f€€ O @¯°¾f¯½¾¾°–°–€¯f% f°¯f¾¯"€°¯f% f°¯f¾ţ°¾ °–f½½f°¾nf°–¾ n%;¾°¾ ƒ°f¯fŴ f¾nf½¾€ fn ¾ţ¯f° ° f ¾ n¯!f½f½½"Ŧ€fnf–°nţ ff¾nfnf–f °Ŧ# ¾f€€n¾ ¯f½½ f °¾ $ Ŧ -¾¯f Ŧ - ° ¾¯f Ŧ @¾¾ f°€€n ö°%o€ ¾ ¾f¾f ¯f¯f °–¾€ € ¾ °f¯fŴnf½¾Ŧ&¯¯f¾f¾ €€ €¾n°¾f¯½ ¾nf½Ŧ# ¾f€€n¾ ¯f€- Ŧ - ¾¯f Ŧ -° ¾¯f Ŧ @¾¾ f°€€n 9½f°°¾ O °¾ƹ-+ff-+¯ J¾°¾,f4 O 1°€°n¾fnn¾¾¾n¾ O °¾–ť½nf½f–ff€°nf¾½° f½°¯ţ¯f nf¾ O °¾ť½nf½f–f¯ff¾ nf¾€€n 9½f°¾½¾° O @½¾€½½f° ¾½¾°ťn¯½ ţf° ¯ţf° °€¯ O ,¾°ff½½f°¾fn¯½ ¾½¾° O ¾½¾°¾nf°nf°– 9¾f° °¾€½ °–4 O 9¾ť Ŵ 9n°€¯½ f¾ Ŵ Ŵ½f°°– Ŵ ,f°– O °¾ť Ŵ 1°nf¾ ¾f¾f°¾¯¾¾° Ŵ ¯½°€¾n¾ ffn¾n¾€9½f°¾f°€€n9½f°#f¾ !"#fť O Jn½½f°nf°–€f¾4 Ŵ ö° € ¯f ¾f° ¯f ¾ Ŵ ö°†€¯f¾f° 5¯f¾ Ŵ ö°€¯f¾f° ¯f¾ O @°¯€€¯f¾°f½½f°f€€n½°f€€f¾f½½f°– °f°@¯ť O 1¯f–°½½f°¾ţf°ff–€€€¾½°–½ n ½€¯f½€¯ Ŵ 9½f°†ť€¯f¾½ nff–† Ŵ 9½f°6ť€¯f¾½ nff–76 O ofť9½f°†ť†ţ9½f°6ť† O of†ť9½f°†ť6ţ9½f°6ť† O of76ť9½f°†ť8ţ9½f°6ť6 O of89ť9½f°†ť9ţ9½f°6ť6 Ŵ 9½f°†¾¾¾f°ff–f°½½f°6 Ŵ @¾¾f¾f°€f°¯€€€¾½°–½ n ½° f½€¯¾¾f¯ţ ¾¯½°nf¾°––°f°¯°f€f¾ţnf°f€€n½½f°– cWU`a^WŶŴWSVZY_ WU`[ZŸŹŴÊŸŹŶ ŸŹŵWUWZUW[XU[[Y O )n–°n¯½f¾¾¾f ¾n½°¾ť Ŵ 1° f¾n n–ţ¯f©¾fn¾°¾f ¾°f° f° f°n€¾½n¾f° °fnfnf° ½¾nf°°¯° Ŵ ½½ n– ½¾n°¾f°¾½f°¾f° f¯f°½–f¯¾¯ţ½fţf° ¾¾° n–nf f¯f–nf¾ ¯f°fn¾ O )n–nf° °€¾€–f°f°ť Ŵ 1°–f°¾¯f n–ţ¾fn¾¾ –f°¾¯¾ ¯°–°nţn¯nfţ½¾–nfţ ¯½–nfţf° fff f½f°¾fn°°¯° Ŵ 1°½½f° n–ţ¾fn¾€n¾°–½¾€° f¾€¾f¯¾½n¾f–f° ¾ ¾f° nffn¾n¾€½½f°¾nf°–°¾½fnf° ¯ Ŵ 1°n¯¯° n–ţ–¾¾"f¯°½½f°¾€ €€°¾½n¾fnn–°°ff ¾¯½fn¾½n¾f° ¾ °fn°¾°¾½n¾ţf°f°–½ f°ţn¯½°ţf° °°¯°f ¾f°n¾°€°nfn¯¯°3¾ ½¯°ţ–f°f°f° ¾n Ŵ ån¾¾ ¯ n–"½¾
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