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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Biology Lecture 5: Prokaryotic Recombination Clicker Question: This frozen baby wooly mammoth had a chromosome number of 58. How many chromatids would be in a cell at the G2 checkpoint? Answer: 116.  The number of chromosomes in a cell does not change during mitosis.  Amount of DNA increases during S phase; chromosome # does not! Interphase:  Interphase Slide: the picture is a immuno fluorescent (light micrograph). Prophase:  Prophase: chromatin condenses into visible chromosomes.  Chromosomes are present in the nucleus all the time. Prometaphase and Metaphase:  Prometaphase: microtubules invade fragmented nucleus.  As we move from prophase to metaphase, chromosomes are highly condensed.  Microtubules in metaphase look for kinetochores to attach.  Metaphase: chromosomes align at central plate.  Checkpoint in metaphase makes sure that all of the chromosomes are hooked up to the spindle. As well to see if the microtubules are connected to kinetochores. Anaphase:  Anaphase: chromatids separate.  Microtubule motor proteins are associated with kinetochores, and pull the chromosome toward the spindle pole along the microtubules. Telophase and Cytokinesis:  Telophase and Cytokinesis: We need the cell to get pinched off. Around and in the middle of the cell the actin filaments work with myosin and contract to cut the cell into two.  Non-kinetochore microtubules push on each other to push the spindle pole apart; while at the same time the chromotaids are crawling along the other microtubules.  The combined effect of both these movements is for the cell to push its pull apart and get its chromosomes con
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