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Biology Lecture 7: The Case of Mary Jane Question: Recombination in prophase of Meiosis I creates sister cromatids that now carry different alleles. When will “A” alleles separate from the “a” alleles into different cells? A. Never B. Anaphase of Meiosis I C. Anaphase of Meiosis II  Mary Jane needs new Kidneys! She is informed that two of her kids are not hers. DNA Fingerprints:  The doctors haven’t learned about DNA fingerprints in Mary Jane’s case... Pedigree:  Pedigrees show family relationships.  Females are indicated in circles, Squares indicate males. A vertical line indicates one generation, and a horizontal line indicates a relationship. Karyotypes:  Everyone has a normal karyotype, in the case of Mary Jane.  Chromosome specific stains result in different colours after UV illumination. Fluorescent microscopy.  In interphase the DNA of a chromosome is sort of together and in the same area.  When the chromatin is much more condensed into chromosomes, then we can match them up and arrange them into a standard display called a karyotype.  Mary Jane’s karyotype is normal. Clicker Question: To make a karyotype, cells are photographed in metaphase. Which metaphase: A. Mitosis B. Meiosis C. Meiosis II Blood Typing:  Red blood cells display ABO blood type antigens.  Each person carries two alleles.  Gene vs. Allele vs. Locus: o Two different alleles of the
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