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Lecture 15

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Western University
Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Biology Lecture 15: Sexual Selection  Intrasexual vs. Intersexual Selection: o Intrasexual selection: competition between the same sex o Intersexual selection: female choice, a trait is considered attractive in a male  Females often picker than males. Why? o Males are competing for access to females  Anisogamy = unequal gamete size: o Females produce relatively small number of large nutritious gametes (eggs) o Males produce a larger number of small gametes without much nutritional reserve (sperm is cheap) o Sex differences in parental investment determine which sex is choosy, and which sex competes  Selective forces on males vs. females: o Average fitness of males is equal to the average fitness of a female. o Males have a higher potential fitness (Moulay Isamael - 888 children) than females (Mrs. Vassilyev - 69 children) o Male potential fitness is determined by how many mating opportunities they can find o Females tend to be limited by access to resources (eggs) o Different selective forces acting on males and females  Parental Investmen
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