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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Lecture 22 Community Ecology 1 Read text sections 461 464 Population Ecology continuation from previous lecture Human Population Growth Shows human population world wideWhen observing a pattern of our population growth it can be seen that we are growing exponential growthBecause we havent reached our carrying capacityDue to technology we are able to improve lifestyles and thus increase the carrying capacityMaybe we have overshot our carrying capacity and are on our way to a population crashNot all species confine to logistic carrying capacityIt may be due to the fact that we have control over our environmentMaybe we dont have any competitorsfor resources or successfully outcompeting other species Clicker Question Why is human Population still increasingMultiple reasonsDevelopment such as agriculture larger number of ppl feedso increased carrying capacityBut it doesnt have to remain this wayImprovements in medical technology increases little rdecrease in per capita of deathdecreases child mortality women in childbirth Human Population Varies In rShows variation between continentsPopulation size and projected population sizeMost continents are shown to have an increase in population sizeSome like North America projectednot to increase very much in population very muchr is close to 0Europe projected to decrease in populationVariation in birth and death rates and thus in per capita rates
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