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Lecture 6


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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

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BIOLOGY LECTURE 6 Read Review of section 103 pg 225 and see Figs 1013 to 1016 Questions Outline for TodayProkaryotic Genetic ExchangeEukaryotic Genetic ExchangeMeiosis Clicker Question What type of bacterial genetic exchange involve donor cell that are deadTransduction involves virus carrying DNA into cellsvirus kills host cells in order to get host DNA to transfer over One parent is deadTransformation is when the cell dies and releases its guts and other cell eat these guts and take up their DNADNA from 2 different parent in close proximityEnzymes nick 2 close strands and exchange DNA back bones are broken and exchange on both inside and outsideResults in DNA that are recombine and are different from either were beforeRecombination eventwhen the cutting and pasting of DNA happensWe need other event on the other side of B allele for it to end up on part of the recipient chromosome 2 recombination
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