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Lecture 8


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Western University
Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

BIOLOGY LECTURE 8 Read End of Chapter Review of Chapter 11 Chapter 11 Chapter 121122 Questions All of Chapter 11 Outline for TodayMendels approach as a scientistModels of inheritance for a single geneModels of sex linkageMendel meets meiosisModels of inheritance for two genes Mendelian LectureAClicker Question For a Normal Individual with Blood type Ii and HLA genotype 13 how many different types of gametes will she produce She will produce 4 different types of gametes Mendel Think like a scientistMendel brought an approach to science that wasnt used beforeCareful experimentation with controlled crossesHe worked with garden peasControlled the crossesdetermined which flowers pollinated with oneVery careful with the parents were and who the progeny werecounted them he was very qualitative about themHe did qualitative analysisF crosses give rise to ratio 31 2 From data and observation Mendel was able to think like a scientist make a model to explain what was going on Made an explanatory modelMendel believed that traits were coded by different factors Medel didnt know about genes alleles chromosomes meosiswas making mdels based on observationsVariation in traits due to different alleles2 copies of allelesone dominant determines what the heterozygotes look like and the other ressesiveOrganisms inherit 2 alleles for each trait Alleles segregate randomly into gametes
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