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Lecture 5


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Tom Haffie

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September 26 2011BIOLOGY LECTURE 5 Read 101 102 Questions Chap 10 Questions 1 2 3 4 Responsible forSelfStudy 102cGeneralized Transduction and Transformation fig 107 108Review of 103 pg 225 see fig 1013 to 106 st 1 Assessmentonline mini testlecture 2 through 530 minno outside source allowedOpens 800am Friday and closes 1159 pm sun oct 2Print outcomes document from WebCT Outline for TodayMitosisDNAchromosomecell replicationINHERITANCE of DIFFERECEProkaryotic genetic exchangeRecombination FOCUS on cytoskeleton not just on DNA and chromosomes MITOSIS Prophase Chromatin condenses into visible chromosomes Chromosomes are present all the time in the nucleusCant see them as separate structure all the timeonly when condensed can they be seenPrometaphaseMicrotubules originate from spindle poleMicrotubules looking for kinetochoreAttach to KinetochoreEverything will line up along the metaphase plate and the spindles will attach to kinetochore of each chromosomeChromatid is one side of replicated chromosomeChromatin is all the chromosomes and protein in nucleus MetaphaseChromatids align at central plate
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