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Lecture 3

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Western University
Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Lecture 3 – Cell Division - Transmission electron micrograph – used to take image of cell Prokaryotic Cells - May have one or two membranes around the outside depending on which prokaryotic cell it is - Not much going on in the inside, mainly a central nucleoid region - And then some cytoplasm around the outside of the nucleoid region Eukaryotic Cells - Very complex in terms of membranes - Have internalized their membranes to create some of the now familiar internal membranes, the nuclear envelope and the ER - Eukaryotes have internal membranes (e.g. around nucleus. ER, cytoplasm) - Some internal membranous organelles were the result of endosymbiosis where early cells entered into very intimate relationships between aerobic bacterium that have now become mitochondria (used to be free living bacteria) - Other photosynthetic bacteria became chloroplasts Cytoskeleton Review - A series of woven proteins that help maintain the shape of cell (cables, pullies and ropes) - Communicates from the cell membrane/surface all the way to the nucleus - Aid in cell division - Very important in moving chr
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