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Lecture 19

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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Biology 1001A Lecture 19: Evolutionary Ecology November 16, 2011 Next Time: Scan: Ecology: Interactions between organisms and their environments  Abiotic vs. biotic components o Biotic: A way in which an organism interacts with other living things – same members, or other species (species that eat it, or the species they eat) o Abiotic: Everything else  Nutrients  Temperature  Moisture  Etc…  Everything that is not alive  Ecological interactions affect evolutionary processes o Rates of speciation and extinction o Patterns of selection and evolution Evolutionary Ecology and Biodiversity  Constant turnover and replacement of species  Biodiversity (number of species) reflects a balance between speciation and extinction  Biodiversity: A total number of species around (i.e. population, habitat, etc…)  Most species extinct, that have ever lived  New species replace them Adaptive Radiation: Extreme Speciation 
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