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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

BIO LECTURE ONENot importantBIO LECTURE TWO Sept 15thCELL BIOLOGYSKIM CHAPTER 2 IN TEXTCancer research taking us to the fundamental workings of cellscancer cells are just doing what they are designed to do cells have always been successful at dividing so what makes us think we can stop themwe are trying to subvert their ability to do what they are programmed to doGeneral Focus of these next few lecturesORIGIN OF CELLS AND HOW CELLS DIVIDElecture of the mayo exampleCLICKER QUESTIONWhy do water molecules have an uneven distribution ofandchargeaOxygen is quite electronegative bTwo hydrogens and only one oxygencWater dissociates into OH and HdElectrons are pulled to other moleculesAnswer Aoxygen has a large nucleus high affinity for electrons being shared in a water molecule so electrons spend more time orbiting oxygen making them slightly more negative and the hydrogens slightly positive making water polarthe polarity makes individual water molecules attract each otherTHEY LIKE TO STICK TOGETHER ie doesnt like to be gasthe oxygenend of one water molecule attracts the hydrogenend of another water moleculethis means that water is liquid at ambient temperatures on earth ie because of high polarity and intermolecular attractionattraction between water molecules squeezes out the oil which is less dense so it ends up floating on the topstearic acid long hydrocarbon no polarity very equal distribution of electronsbasically its a fatty acidbecause this molecule is straight its saturated ie look for it in animal fatsoleic acid unsaturated fatty acid look for it in olive oil plant oils etcie liquid at room temp because of the kink they dont pack well together3 fatty acids hooked to glycerol creates a triglecidethis one has straight chains attached therefore saturated fatty acidwhole triglyercide molecule is still nonpolar
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