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Lecture 3

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Biology 1001A

Lecture 3 Characteristics shared by all life - display order in their biological structures - harness and utilize energy - reproduce - respond to stimuli - exhibit homeostasis - growth and development - evolve In what way properties of life are “emergent” - they come about or emerge from many simpler interactions that in themselves do not have the properties found at the higher levels - the ability to harvest and utilize energy is not a property of molecules or proteins or biological membranes in isolation, rather the ability emerges from the interaction of all three of these as part of the metabolic process Characteristics of the “habitable zone” of a solar system - range from the sun, allows a temperature that allows water to exist in a liquid state - water is a prerequisite for the development of life Conditions of a primitive Earth - had atmosphere that probably contained an abundance of water vapour from the evaporation of water at the surface, large quantities of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia and methane - almost a complete lack of oxygen Types of molecules that were and were not synthesized by the Millar-Urey experiment - put in components of reducing atmosphere (hydrogen, methane, ammonia and water vapour) in a closed apparatus and exposed the gases
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