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Lecture 5

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Western University
Biology 1001A

Lecture 4 - IS 1. Meaning of “C-Value” - refers to the amount of DNA contained in a haploid nucleus (a gamete) or half of the amount in a diploid somatic cell of a eukaryotic organism ex- pressed in pictograms - It is one copy of your genome. If you have 3 copies aka triploid, you have 3C - in polyploids the C-value may represent two or more genomes contained in the same nucleus 2. Paradox associated with C-values - It was found that C-values vary greatly among species and it bares no rela- tionship to the presumed number of genes - At the center of the enigma is that observation that genome size does not correlate with organismal complexity - later discovered that it was because of the existance of non-coding DNA - The enigma relates to the issue of variation in the amount of non-coding DNA found in the genomes of different eukaryotes - It is defined by a series of independent questions - What types of non-coding DNA are found in eukaryotic genomes - where does this non-coding DNA come from and how is it spread or lost over time - What effects or functions does this non-coding DNA have - Why do some species
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