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Biology 1001A

Lecture 11: Inheritance of Variation I Arrangement of genes and alleles on homologous chromosomes in a dihybrid organism - A zygote produced from a cross that involves two characters is called a dihybrid - Genes and alleles of homologous chromosomes are at the same location - Polygenetic inheritance: several to many different genes contribute to the same character (quantitative traits) o E.g., height: if number of individuals in each height category vs. range of heights is plotted for a population, a bell-curved shape gives good indication that the trait is quantitative How independent assortment creates 4 different products of meiosis from a dihybrid parent - The allele for a gene that a gamete receives has no influence on which allele for another gene it receives and vice versa Application of the sum and product rule of probability - Product rule: when two or more events are independent, the probability that they will both occur is calculated using this rule o Probability that events A and B both occur = probability of event A x probably of event B - Sum rule: applies when different events all give the same outcome o Probability that either event A, B, or C will occur = probability of event A + B+ C Way in which inher
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