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Lecture 3

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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Prep Lecture 3 1. Basic structure of an amino acid and what are the different classes of amino acids. a. The generalized structure of an amino acid has a central carbon atom attached to an amino group (-NH2), a carbonyl group (-COOH), and a hydrogen atom b. Proteins are synthesized from 20 different amino acids. four different classes of amino acids determined by different side chains: (1) non-polar and neutral, (2) polar and neutral, (3) acidic and polar, (4) basic and polar. 2. Chemistry of the peptide bond and how it is formed. a. Carboxyl group + amino group -> peptide bond + H2O b. Covalent bonds link amino acids into chains called polypeptides 3. The four levels of protein structure. a. Primary structure: The sequence of amino acids in a protein
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