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Lecture 7

Biology 1002B Lecture 7: Lecture 7 Membrane Biology

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Biology 1002B
Denis Maxwell

Lecture 7: Membrane Biology Wednesday, February 8, 2017 12:21 PM Secretory pathway • There are membrane vesicles that connect the ER to the Golgi and the Golgi to the plasma membrane • If you are a protein and your final destination is the plasma membrane or if you leave the cell, then you go through this secretory pathway • You're synthesized on ER bound ribosomes and the protein ends up in these vesicles and goes all the way to the plasma membrane • This is how lipid gets to the plasma membrane as well, lipids have haflives too Physiological importance of unsaturation • Temperature has a profound impact on our fluids • Membrane fluidity = olive oil viscosity • Very liquidy • Channelrodopsin sits in the membrane, absorbs a photon of light and changes conformation, so the fluidity of the membrane allows them to do this • If the membrane fluid was like butter, it wouldn't be able to change conformation • Lower the growth temperature, the more amount of desaturase transcript • No enzymes to reverse the reaction and get rid of double bonds • Like proteins, lipids turnover Protein targeting to the ER • No such thing as ribosomes stuck to the ER • Ribosome is once free and then it gets bound to the ER Diffusion • Ribosome is once free and then it gets bound to the ER Diffusion Membrane transport • KNOW FIGURE 5.13 • Molecules can diffuse through the membrane • Oxygen can diffuse with no problem, all simple gases • Molecules need to be simplified to come through the membrane so they go through a pore/channel • Energy is required to maintain higher concentration on ne side then the other (active tr
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