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Lecture 20

Biology 1002B Lecture 20: March 22

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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

March 22 Ok, yes, we have made dramatic process in some specific types of cancer But overall, we suck :p FIND WHERE CED 4 IS ON THE DNA SEQUENCE Q: You are looking at a sequence of DNA that is transcribed in heart, liver and lung tissue but translated only in liver. What kind of sequence is it? This is an alternatively spliced intron o Tissuespecific expression Gets transcribed all over the place, but this intron is actually an exon in liver tissue Hormone responsive elements in the promoter, but thats transcriptional regulation so WRONG answer Protooncogene is not a translational thing eitherjust plays a role in cell cycling The hormonal and internal environment can also influence the onset of cancer Cancer is partly due to epigenetics (regulation of genes without causing mutations) or genetics (mutations) **Focus on cyclins and CDKs and their roles in releasing these checkpoints in the cell cycle. EGFR Pathways Its on the surface Gigantic signaling network that causes the cell to start dividing in response to the epidermal growth factor Cancer emerges out of these complex intracellular pathways hard to find a cure Protooncogenes are a class of genes that when overexpressed, cause cells to cycle more often Expression of tumor suppressor genes slows cell cycling Stupid name they didnt evolve to suppress tumours They evolved to suppress the rapid cycling of embryonic cells TP53 is a central, master tumour suppressor gene, coding a transcription factors whose activity can result in o Increased DNA repair o Cell cycle arrest by blocking cyclinCDK o Apoptosis When these genes are downregulated, it leads to increase in cell cycling
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