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Lecture 12

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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 12 Gene Structure/Expression February, 13, 2013  Tom’s drop in: Thursday at 1 and Friday at 2 pm in Rm 301 G NCB  Appointments also by email. [email protected] put “1002B” in subject  Modern Endoymbiont genomes and greatly diminished…  The next few classes review many familiar aspects of gene expression and will highlight new understanding of: o More…  tRNA base pair with itself  Bacterial transcription initiates at the promoter sequence o Promoter attract the attention of RNA polymerase, and they interact with DNA, forms a bubble, and becomes single stranded o template strand is the one that is going to get transcribed o promoter sequence TATATATA, - 10, and -35 are important (from the start point) up stream, after the start is down stream o not all promoters are the same, they might have different sequences, and not attractive to the polymerase  some are more efficient than others o genetic regulation is a dimmer switch, promoter have a common structure, but some can work better than others  The mRNA can pair with itself, and form a hair pin loop (terminator) o Terminator in the DNA gets transcribed to RNA o The formation of the hair pin loop will interrupt the bonding and the mRNA will fall off the polymerase o The hair pin loop will disrupt the polymerase and the base pairing and the polymerase will just fall off and transcription stops o Terminator is in the DNA, but understood as RNA  Why are there different terminator sequences, why do they have different efficiency o Maybe they fold differently, their base sequences are different  Forces are stronger on the stem o Maybe the terminator sequence can be longer, so efficiency is higher o The one that last longer (more efficient), might be more stable  The type of bonds between it, i.e. C-G bonds  Clicker question (1): o Which DNA strand will be the template for gene b  Answer is you can’t tell  Because we don’t know where the promoter is. Promoters have a direction,
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