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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Bio Review 10/24/2012 2:33:00 PM Delta 32 mutation  Provides HIV protection  Disadvantageous to West Nile o Trade off o Mutation at receptor at immune cells  Incomplete dominance Protostome vs. Dutastome species  Protostomes: o Insects o Crestations o Many more than dutosames Evolution happens by mutation  Mutation occurs  Evolution ensures selective advantage  Change is allele frequency Know Tree diagrams  Should be able to find MRCA  Should know sequence HIV fast mutation rate  There is a mutation that makes it harmless  Strains that replicate fast kill host faster Eukaryotes are only multi cellular  Only multicellular in plants animals and fungi Only a little bit of susceptible form frequency post-AZT Retroviruses  RNA to DNA to RNA to proteins Virophages  Only attacks viruses AZT  Does not inhibit normal DNA replication C-value enigma  Some less complex forms of life have more DNA o Due to non-coding DNA  Similar species still have largely different C values If one allele makes phenotype same as homozygote, complete dominance If one allele doesn’t make phenotype same as homozygote, incomplete dominance If both all
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