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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Light: Energy & Information  Chlamydomonas: a sexually active, light harvesting, carbon-reducing hydrogen-belching planimal  Has attributes of plants and animals  Large central nucleus  Has 2 basal bodies: flagella /cilia develop from this organelle  Endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, Golgi Apparatus  Mitochondria; maybe 5-20 in chlamy  Has a single giant chloroplast  Pyrenoid: the site of carbon fixation within the chloroplast  Major enzyme involved in carbon fixation resides here  Carbon fixation: co2->sugar/carbohydrates, etc  Eyespot: makes it a good system  Found within the outer membrane of the chloroplast  Has nothing to do with photosynthesis directly  It harvests light, but the light is used for it to orient itself in its environment  Light as information Evolution of Complexity  Complexity: entwined, twisted together  Chlamydomona: 10uM long  Much bigger than a bacterium  1000 times bigger than a bacterium in terms of volume  PCG = Protein Coding Genes  E.Coli: 4000; Chlamy: 15,000; Humans: 20,000 Eyespot  Required for Phototaxis: movement towards or away from light  Wildtype stays away from the light  Why?  Free radicals  Photons of light: lots of energy in a photon  Hard to trap the bright light; doesn’t want to absorb too much light  It can destroy the photosynthetic mechanism  The eye and the eyespot probabl
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