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Lecture 11

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Western University
Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 11: Intro to Prokaryotic Gene Structure The evolutionary process of endosymbiosis created organisms with typically "prokaryotic" genes in organelles and typically "eukaryotic" genes in the nucleus. Wow.  relative sizes of typical mitochondrial, chloroplast and nuclear genomes - Mitochondrion – small genome (16kb) - Chloroplast – pretty small genome (200kb) o Circular chromosomes present in many copies of chromosomes in each organelle - Nucleus – very large genome (120 000kb) - If genes don’t code for proteins (mRNA) they are coding for tRNA and rRNA.  rubisco structure and assembly from components coded by different genomes  possible reasons why modern organelle genomes have become dramatically smaller over evolutionary time - Evolved to be very specific – only carry out certain processes – don’t need anymore genes. - Genes have moved to nucleus – so there is no need for it to be in organelles anymore – no redundancy. - Genes have been deleted - organelles can afford to lose genes. o Genes that are useful for free-living bacteria but not for mito (e.g. flagella coding genes) o Hexokynase, glycolysis genes not needed in mito anymore - Hosts that have suffered a mutation/deletion of genes – are at a favorable advantage – delete genes in organelles that are not needed there anymore - reduces energy use - Selection favoring organelles getting rid of all genes they can. o Mutation o Deletion o Lateral gene transfer  possible reasons why genes have moved to the nucleus from organelles over evolutionary time - Nucleus can have more control. - Part of subverted cellular rejection system. - Organelles involved in electron transport and ox metabolism that generates ROS (oxygen + electron) – ROS very reactive and mutagenic o Get DNA out of organelles to get away from mutation - What can nuclear DNA do that organelle DNA can’t? Sexual recombination o Generates diversity  possible reasons why certain genes have not moved to the nucleus from organelles -
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