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Lecture 13

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Western University
Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 13  Organelles have their own genetic systems. These genetic system are primarily prokaryotic in nature in contrast to nucleus. nucleus is eukaryotic in nature. 1. DNA signals in RNA-coding genes blue: promoter- region immediately upstream of transcription unit. promoter does not get transcribed because transcription starts after the promoter yellow: SD box (TATA) - within promoter green: Start codon right after 5' UTR *# light blue: coding region *# red: stop codon- right before 3' UTR * no tRNA - no translated pink: transcription sequence - after stop codon* no translated * get transcribed # translated 2. DNA sequence of anticodon in tRNA gene, given the codon  tRNA is the molecule that delivers the amino acid.  tRNA molecule has a cloverleaf structure because of hydrogen bonding  the anticondon is located on the anticodon arm and the amino acid is covalently to adenine
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