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Biology Lecture 1 Outcomes

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Western University
Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 1 Heterotrophic Animals o Take complex organic molecules and break them down into smaller molecules o Use energy released o Can’t fix carbon o Use reduced organic molecules like fats, glucose, proteins Autotrophic Plants o Take an inorganic form of carbon and fixes it into a complex organic form o Ie. Chemoautotrophs use chemical energy to perform this process, Photoautotrophs use light from the sun) o Add energy to molecule (uses sun to perform task) Elysia Cholortica  Photosynthetic Sea slug  Phylum: mollusca  Has mouth and digestive system, has eyes, sensory organs  No chloroplasts when young, feeds on algae o Brown colour  Merges chloroplasts into cells, digests rest of plant o Turns green  Lives off energy produced from chloroplast Kleptoplasty (stolen plastid)  Chloroplast is a plastid (has 4 membranes when in alga, only 2 when isolated)  Process of stealing chloroplasts from plants and incorporating it into the new body Isolate Chloroplasts: Blue: other slugs Green: Elysia degrade because it has
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