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Lecture 8

Biology Lecture 8 Outcomes

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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 8Carbon Dioxide vs SugarPhotosynthesis metabolic process where light energy is used to draw the conversion of CO2 into sugar No useable energy in CO2 o Because oxygen is there o You cant get electron away from it due to presence of CO2CH bonds provide energy o Molecules have high energy content if they have more CH bondo Neither C or H are highly electronegative so body can pull e away from them to get energyPhotosynthesis is an endergonic process o Energy comes from lightRespiration is opposite exergonic Involves redox reactionsCarbon fixationo CO2 is reduced to sugar o H2O gets oxidized to O2 Photosynthesis IGoal to make NADPHATP Breakdown of this ATP made drive the reaction of CO2 into SugarNADPH is the e sourceATP is energy sourceEnergyInformationWe use light for visionPlants use it for energy C
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