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Lecture 10

Biology Lecture 10 Outcomes

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Western University
Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 10 Respiration is overall a exergonic process Metabolic Pathways  Catabolic pathway o I.e. respiration o Breaks molecules down o Energy is released o Not every step has a –‘ve delta G but overall its –‘ve  Anabolic Pathway o Overall endergonic process o +’ve delta G o I.e. photosynthesis, biosynthesis (amino acid, fatty acid) o makes complex molecules out of simpler ones ATP/ADP cycle  Catabolic pathways provide energy to convert ADP to ATP (in respiration, breakdown of glucose provides the energy)  Anabolic pathways take up energy that is released from ATP ADP + Pi  High ATP/ADP ratios are important Food as fuel  C-H bond all provide food  Respiration oxidizes glucose to release the free energy o reduces O2 o oxidizes C6H12O6  Glucose goes thru the entire pathway o The model molecule o Reaction is accompanies by decrease in potential energy o ∆G = -2870 kJ/mol Respiration is controlled combustion  Extracting energy from glucose  Many individual steps each with a small Ea  Direct burning only has one step with one large Ea  Both have same delta G  Respiration: energy is harnessedenergy transferred to energy carries to use for something else  In direct burn, energy is released as heat, its wasted FAD, NAD+ and ADP: are electron carriers, oxiddizing agents that accept electrons from H to bind together to form its reduced versions; FADH, NADH, ATP NAD+ as an electron shuttle  anabolic processes: energy carrier is NADP, in biosynthetic pathways  catabolic processes; energy carrier is NAD, in respiration, 2 electron carrier Glycolysis I: Energy Investment  Fundamental pathway, everything alive has it  In first step, you consume energy  Then phosphorylate these molecules o You make them more reactive (glucose 6 phosphate is more reactive than glucose) think energy coupling o Phosphate is –‘ve charge, they won’t cross membranes, you can compartmentalize and retain gl
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