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Biology Lecture 21 Outcomes

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Western University
Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 21 Most radiation exposure is “natural” ROS can cause breaks in DNA helix, resulting in rearrangement  You can detect a broken chromosome  Results in deletions etc  Inversions  Translocations  Result from cells attempt to repair double stranded breaks in chromosomes Burkitt Lymphoma: fusion of oncogene and strong promoter  Translocation: piece of 8 swapped for 14  8: Myc is an oncogene  14: has antibody producing ssequences  Swap causes Myc to swap with antibody genes  This causes lymphoma Blood and lymph cells all arise from hematopoietic stem cells in bone marrow  All come from hematopoetic stem cells  Maturation of B cell is where antibodies etc happen  Innate immunity  Share with other organisms such as plants, etc  Nonspecific, goes after everything  Consumes bacteria via phagocytosis  Cytokines and chemokine are chemical messenger protiens used to communicate with other cells to attract them to the site Adaptive Immunity is more specific and has a memory  Cell based o Cells that are doing the killing o Lysosomes and proteasomes break stuff up o The bits of broken virus are advertised on cell surface o T cell has a receptor that matches to that virus and sends signal to replicate o T cells go and find other viruses o Use Per o forins: puncture holes in infected cells o KILLER Ts  Antibody based o HELPER Ts o Dendritic Cell, again engulf a bacteria, break it down and display the antigens on its surface o Shows them to T4 cells to see which one recognizes it o Each t cell has a different receptor o T cells release interlukens to stimulate the particular T cell to divide o The T cells now go looking for a B cell o Help B cells respond to same threat
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