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Biology Lecture 22 Outcomes

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Western University
Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 22 Horizontal Gene transfer  Paper claims that there is horizontal gene transfer from chloroplasts of vaucheria to Elysia’s nuclear genome PsbO encodes a component of PSII  Gene resides in nucleus  Manganese stabilizing protein- part of the oxygen evolving complex  Elysia has this gene that would code for this component Expression of psbO in Elysia  Agarose gel electrophoresiss  Amplified protien of psbO transcript o Amplified= make multiple copies of it so you can see it  Its 452 base pairs  5 months after feeding on algae and you are picking up transcript o suggests that gene an Elysia gene not just coming from degradation of vaucheria Polymerase Chain reaction (PCR)  Kary Mullis  Diagnostic o Forensic science o Phylogenetic studies o Disease testing Polymerase Chain Reaction  Power to amplify is very important so you can actually work with that specific piece of DNA Components for PCR  DNA template o 100-500 ng  Two Primers (DNA oligonucleotides) o 500nM  Deoxynucleotides- dATP, dTTP, dCTP, dGTP o 200uM  DNA polymerase o Taq polymerase (Thermus aquticus) o Very heat resistance, it takes 2 hours for half of this protein to denature o Extension rate of 1000nuc./min o Error rate of 1/9000 (lacks exonuclease proof reading ability, some polymerases used in PCR do…) PCR is based on specificity  PCR based on specificity of primer binding  In any DNA sequence o ¼ chance of finding an A, G,C,T o
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