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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 3: Protein Structure and Function January 15, 2013 Why is there no antenna around the photoreceptor when it around a photosystem? if your a photosystem you just want to harvest all the light but in a photoreceptor you are trying to harvest the light as information. • Biological function is linked to proteins • biochemistry came from trying to analyze proteins • genetics studies genes • two fields have come together to form MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Protein abundance: Points of control • control transcription (Dna to mrna) • control of translation • genes codes to protein • mrna decay/turnover, this is controlled Measuring Transcript Abundance How do we measure one protein/rna? • isolate RNA from cell or tissue samples (gel electrophoresis) WHY DONT U C MRNA ON THE GEL? • Abundance is much lower • Rrna is 97% percent more abundant than Mrna (3%) • Mrna moved to membrane, now the membrane can be probed and a single mrna can be studied • the probe is a radioactive gene-specific “probe”, it will hybridize to the single stranded mrna, it is radioactive so it can be exposed to film (northern blot) Measuring Protein Abundance • SDS-page • antibody is easy to detect • the antibody sticks to a protein (western blot) Heat Shock Response • Chlamdomonas cells shifted from growth temperature of 24 degrees to 40 degrees • transcript abundance is highest at 40 degrees • actin is a house keeping protein not responsive to a change in t
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