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Lecture 4

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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Biology 1002B Lecture 4- Readings Energy and Enzymes Section 4.1 Thursday January 17, 2013 Energy and the Laws of Thermodynamics: - Energy cannot be measure or weighed directly. - Can only detect it by its ability to do work. Energy exists in different forms and states: - Heat, chemical, electrical, mechanical - They can all be converted or transformed readily form one form to another - Kinetic Energy: energy possessed by an object because its in motion. - Potential Energy: stored energy, the energy an object has because of its location or chemical structure. The laws of thermodynamics describe energy and its transformation: - System: object being studied - Surroundings: everything outside of the system - Universe: system and surroundings - Isolated system: does not exchange matter or energy with surroundings - Open system: both energy and matter can move freely between system and surroundings - Closed system: can exchange energy but no matter The first law of thermodynamics: Energy can be transformed but not created or destroyed. - Principle of conservation of energy The second law of thermodynamics: energy transformations increase disorder - each time energy is transformed from one form to another, some of the energy is lost and unavailable to do work. - A lot of energy is lost as heat (energy associated with random molecular motion). -
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