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Lecture 8

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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

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Biology 1002B Lecture 8 Integrated Metabolism Q#1: If you add mitochondria to an oxygen electrode chamber what happens to the oxygen concentration in the chamber? Oxygen is consumed, popular way in measuring cellular respiration is the rate of consumption of oxygen. Adding NADH, oxygen consumption will go up, isolated mitochondria don’t have a source of substrate no pyruvate going into mitochondria, when you put NADH in, now has substrate. Quickly depletes levels of NADH within mitochondrial matrix, rate of electron transport (oxygen consumption) should go up. Adding ADP+, rate of oxygen consumption goes up even more. *Respiratory control: Rate of electron transport will be dependent on availability of ADP. *If there’s no ADP around, proton gradient becomes very high; pH in intermembrane is very low, harder for complexes to pump protons into space with already a lot of protons, limits rate of electron transport. No substrate to drive phosphorylation of ADP, high gradient, no ADP in mitochondria, protons won’t flow back. *Even though two independent processes (ETC and ATP synthase), they are coupled in a normal system, they influence each other. Adding uncoupler, rate goes up. Giant holes in membrane, protons escape, zero proton gradient. Now it’s easy to pump protons across, no pH difference. There nothing holding back electron transport now. Electron transport goes as fast as possibly can. Protons being pumped but they are leaking right back in. *Uncoupled rate is highest rate of oxygen consumption. Q#2: In plant cells there are two ATP generating organelles- mitochondria and chloroplasts. Compared to animal cells how may mitochondria cells be different? A. They are not
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