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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Jan 6 2014Lec 1Chlamydomonas A Model SystemLECTURE OUTCOMESCharacteristics of Chlamydomonas that make it a useful model systemChlamydomonasunicellular green alga size of 10 um oEukaryotic 10x larger than prokaryotic cellsoClassic eukaryoticflagella same flagellacilia that humans haveoChloroplast thylakoid membranes in itoNucleusDNA in chloroplastnucleuschloroplast came from endosymbiosisare prokaryotic in natureMeans both prokaryotic and eukaryotic genes in the same cellUses light for 2 different thingsoEnergy source chloroplast makes ATPoInfo traps lightuses it to acquire info about surroundingsShares traits with plants and animalsVery easy to make mutationsin ChlamyPhototransduction capability which also happens in human eye eyespoteye operate with similaritySimilarity btw channelrhodopsinneurons in brainUsed as model organism for studies of flagellar motility photosynthesis genetics evolution of multicellularityRelatedness of Chlamydomonas to plants and animalsPhylogenetic PositionThe branch which leads to Chlamy diverged from plants billions yrs agoChlamy retained the eukaryotic flagella structureLike plants Chlamy is photosyntheticuse light for energyLike animals Chlamy uses light to find info about surroundingsRelationship between genome size and protein coding genes E coliChlamy H SapiensPCGProtein Coding GenesGenome4 Mb 120 Mb 3000 Mb PCG4000 15000 Genome of Chlamy is entirely sequenced nowdoesnt have much junk DNA genes packaged more denselyEvolution of MulticellularityAll aglea that have different degrees of multicelluritymulticellular life evolved multiple times not monophyletic
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