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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Enzymes.docx

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Western University
Biology 1002B

EnzymesWhat Enzymes Do And Do Not DoSpeed up a spontaneous reactionCannot provide energy therefore can not induce an endergonic reaction Exergonic ReactionG is negativeoSubstrates need more free energy EActivation EnergyAoRepresents a barrieroFew molecules possess enough energy to overcome kinetic barrier Thermodynamically unstable oPropanethermodynamically unstable but kinetically stable slow reaction Kinetic Barrier speed oExplains why spontaneous reactions are not always rapid Transition stateoHigher energy state oBonds break Enzymes Lower Activation EnergyEnergy required to get to transition state is lowered in presence of catalyst Change the path of reaction Rate is proportional to the number of activated moleculesEnzymes increase the number of molecules able to overcome barrier Life Needs EnzymesoCannot increase temperature pressure etc to drive reactionsEnzyme StructureEnzymes must be flexibleActive site only apparent when enzyme in its native conformation Conformation of enzyme changes upon substrate binding to active site induced fit Biological catalysts Binds to its substrate forming an enzymesubstrate complexRate of catalysisvaries but FAST
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