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Lecture 11

Lecture 11-17 Summary

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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lists: Lectures 11-17 Summary signals mechanism bonding proks vs euks lac repressor • a protein that acts to bind• DNA to • happens on to an operator in order to mRNA prokaryotic lac operons inhibit transcription of a • mRNA to gene rRNA • transcribed • mRNA to • translated mRNA • protein to DNA operator • a sequence of DNA that is • DNA to • happens on inhibited be a repressor in protein prokaryotic lac operons order to stop transcription • not transcribed • not translated CAP/cAMP • both proteins are used to • DNA to • happens on bind to the CAP binding site mRNA prokaryotic lac operons on DNA and promote • mRNA to transcription rRNA • transcribed • mRNA to • translated mRNA • protein to DNA CAP binding • a site on the DNA that • DNA to • happens on site attracts CAP/cAMP in order protein prokaryotic lac operons to promote transcription • not transcribed • not translated promoter • a part of the DNA • DNA to • are more complex in sequence protein eukaryotes • not transcribed • not translated enhancer • a part of the DNA • DNA to • only in eukaryotes sequence protein • not transcribed • not translated terminator • not understood as part of • DNA to • in prokaryotes, a the DNA sequence; stops mRNA hairpin loop is created; transcription after it has • mRNA to in eukaryotes, there is been read by RNA mRNA (self no loop, therefore no polymerase bonding in mRNA to mRNA • transcribed prokaryotes • not translated only) start codon • part of the mRNA that • mRNA to • occurs in both codes for specific tRNAs to tRNA bring amino acids (start initiates the protein synthesis by bringing met) • transcribed • translated stop codon • part of the mRNA that • mRNA to • occurs in both creates a codon which does protein not have a compl
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