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Lecture 3: The Drake Equation

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Biology 1002B
Niki Sharan

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Lecture 3The Drake Equationy Hubble Deep Fieldy Andromeda M31 spiral galaxy similar to our own many stars100000 light years across Speed of light11 billion kmhLight year9 460 730 472 580 km Distance and Time to Proxima Centauri y Proxima Centauri is the nearest star within the milky wayy 422 light years away from us39 922 000 000 000 kmy Space shuttle31 000 kmhrit would take 150 000 years to get therey Space travel is simply not the way to answer questions as the distances are phenomenalRadio Astronomyy The presence ofother intelligent civilizations can be detected by radio waves that they emit which could be picked up by ground based radio telescopesy Radio waves travel the speed of lighty The advantage of using radio astronomy is that the waves that are being pi
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