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Lecture 4: Fundamentals of Biochemistry

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Western University
Biology 1002B
Niki Sharan

Lecture 4 Fundamentals of BiochemistryProtein AbundancePoints of ControlMore proteinsfunction of protein is higher less proteinsfunction of protein is lowerProtein can be controlled at the level of transcriptionconverting DNA to mRNA Posttranscriptional controlcontrolling abundance of mRNA Protein can also be controlled at the level of translation tRNA Abundance versus activity Constitutiveinduced or repressed expression Constitutive gene is always on same level of protein doesnt really changehousekeeping genes you need them as they are a fundamental aspect of the cell Induced genes that may be switched onRepressed genes that may be switched off Northern RNA Blot Analysis Transcriptional control is a major mechanism that dictates how much protein is made 97 of RNA in a cell is ribosomal RNA Gel electrophoresisseparated by size Gel substance is eliminated and transferred to nylon thus easier to work withRadioactive probesingle stranded DNA about 500 base pairs in lengthwill find complementary strand of RNA and the two strands will anneal to each other Probe is exposed to xray film to reveal strand of RNA Western blotproteins use antibody Measuring TranscriptProtein Abundance Northern blotstranscript abundance Induced expression
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