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Lecture 8

Lecture 8: Photosynthesis I

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Biology 1002B
Niki Sharan

Lecture 8Photosynthesis I y Photosynthesis is the major biological process in which energy enters the biosphere y Photosynthesis is a classic case of energy transformationtransforming energy thats found in light into chemical energyCarbon Dioxide vs Sugary Photosynthesis can be defined as lightdependent conversion of inorganic carbon into an organic formy Photosynthesis is a metabolic process where light energy is used to drive the conversion of CO into sugar2y There is no usable energy in CO 2y Sugar on the other hand has a lot of energy because of carbonhydrogen bondsmolecules have high energy content if they have a lot of CH bondsy Photosynthesis is an endergonic process potential energy increases and the energy comes from light y Photosynthesis is essentially the opposite of respirationy 6CO 6HO CHO6Oredox reaction carbon reductionfixationthe CO is reduced to sugar and 22612622HO is oxidized to oxygen2Photosynthesis I y The goal of the light reactions is to make NADPH and ATPendergonic processy The breakdown of the ATP made in the light reactions drives the fixation of CO into sugar2y NADPH is the reducing component that provides the electronsenergy is transformed into NADPH electrons in NADPH can readily be usedy ATP is the energy source while NADPH is the electron source Energy and Informationy Plants use light as a source of energy y Chlamydomonas reinhardtii phytoplankton o Uses eyespot within the chloroplast to detect light in its surroundingso The ability to move towards or away from light is called phototaxis and this is regulated by the eyespotLight y Light is the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation that we perceive with our eyesy Visible light is a narrow band from about 400 to 700 nm in wavelengthy Blue lightshorter wavelength red lightslightly longer wavelengthy Photons are discrete particles of light
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