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Lecture 12

Bio Lecture 12 - Evolution of Eukaryotes.docx

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Biology 1002B
Denis Maxwell

20110215 Lecture 12Evolution of Eukaryotes Two characteristic componentsThe formation of the endomembrane system o Ancestral prokaryotic cell through infolding of the cytoplasmic membrane o Created Golgi body ER nuclear envelopeo Defines the Eukaryote with the presence of nucleusMitochondria o Energy transducing organelles o Gave rise from endosymbiosis o Aerobic prokaryote incorporated into another prokaryotesChloroplast o Intake of cyanobacterium o Giving rise to heterotrophsNo strong evidence in the order of events Evidence for endosymbiosisMorphology o Looks very similar to bacteriaFormation division o Unlike protein no instruction in making it o Simple divide to make more can only make from preexisting bacteriaElectron transport chains o Similar to aerobic cell cyanobacteria o They would have been able to live by themselves and collect energyGenomes o Independent from the nucleusTranscription translation machinery o No other organelles have their own What drove the evolution of eukaryotesEarliest prokaryotes were anaerobic no oxygen in the reducing atmosphere22 bya get cyanobacteriaoxygenic photosynthesis oxygen accumulatesProkaryotes that undergo aerobic respiration o Much higher ATP yield Eukaryotic cells are bigger more complex
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